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Young People are more than their grades, but personal
growth starts with taking care of school.


We firmly believe that education has the power to unlock the immense potential of young minds, equipping them with both the tools and discipline to excel beyond the confines of the classroom. However, we also recognize that the journey of education is not meant to be traveled alone. That is why, here at New Life of NYC, we provide the invaluable opportunity to receive mentorship throughout the school year, ensuring that you are well-prepared for success in all aspects of life, beyond the four walls of a classroom.

What We Offer

• New Life of NYC’s youth program
• Homework, study, and test prep
• Educational mentoring and coaching
• College readiness

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By joining New Life of New York City, Inc., individuals embark on an extraordinary voyage of personal growth and development. Throughout the year, young minds are nurtured and guided, pushing them to achieve excellence in academics, arts, athletics, community service, and spiritual formation. 

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